Heavy Haulage Services

If you are working in a construction company then there is a lot of heavy equipment that needs to be moved from one place to another and if the project is big then machinery that would be used for transportation should also be big and powerful. At a construction site, there is too much heavy equipment and a lot of power is needed. For powering the big site, you might need big generators for the machinery to operate so haulage should be used for that purpose. You might need steel to transport from the warehouse to the site so a haulage can be used for that purpose too. The use of haulage from EXP Resources is not limited and there is lot of equipment that needs replacement when there is a new site building or a new station being constructed. For telecom, there are huge towers that need to be installed and for the transportation, heavy vehicles can be used.

If you are a contractor of mines and you need to transport material then we can be of your help. We also fulfil the requirements of mine SEC so whatever is there that you need to transport, we can help you in that. Our customers speak for us and we have gained a good reputation in the market by providing our top-notch services. All of our vehicles are updated and maintained and we also make that sure before dispatching our vehicles so there should be no problem on the way. We have also installed GPS systems in our vehicles which helps us to get the precise location of our vehicles and we can share that information with you too so that you can have the exact idea that where your material or equipment has reached.

All of our drivers are trained and have experience of years so they know how to drive and how to take care of haulages and if something goes wrong due to some technical problem then they are trained enough to take care of it. All of our drivers are licensed so there is no need to worry about our drivers. We can always deliver to the location that you desire including the remote areas and with the help of GPS, we will always inform you about the current location of the vehicle so you can keep track of your equipment. We have got different packages and we can offer you the best price in the market along with the best service. All you need to do is contact us, whatever equipment or mine you have in your mind, just talk to us and we will help you get it transported.